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At Mar Recruitment we follow a rigorous, all-encompassing process in our recruitment and coaching services.

Analysis of our clients’ business environment and culture.

Detailed study of the needs to be covered.

Definition of positions in terms of personal and professional skills, working environment and adaptation factors.

Full management of the selection process.

Tailor made reporting.

Mediation in diverse negotiation settings.

Coordination and monitoring of personnel processes conducted.

Tranining for executives, middle management and technicians in leadership and leadership skills, customized according to our clients’ needs.

Services for companies


Middle and senior posts

Meeting with client to define specific needs, business environment and requested profile.

Market analysis.

Identification of key companies and/or competitors where suitable candidates can be found.

Search for candidates through other channels, such as social media.

Personal contact with the listed professionals.

Personal interviews.

Implementation of personality and competency tests and different personal interviews.

Preparation of psychotechnical reports.

Comprehensive reports are written based on previous assessments.

Checking professional references.

Presentation of the finalists.

Customer support in the negotiation of contract terms and reward packages.

Follow-up of hired candidates.

Basic Staff Posts

Analysis of the position to be filled by analysing the content of the post, the client company and the ideal profile for the post.

Market analysis.

Search for candidates through different means such as: job portal, social media, own database, network of contacts, associations, or professional organisations.

Identification of potential candidates.

Personality tests, competency tests, personal interviews.

Execution of customized reports.

Verification of professional references.

Presentation of the finalists.

Mar Recruitment offers different types of training, analysing the particular needs to cover in each case to guarantee optimal development.

We accompany our candidates in understanding the organizational culture, integrating their capabilities, values and styles to achieve their goals.

We provide help to get the best results from everyone, making the most of their skills and improving their own personal and professional career.

At Mar Recruitment we have the expertise and the willingness to understand your business, culture and people. We are capable of providing your company with market trend insight, benchmarking of salary ranges, development direction and identification of organisational needs, restructuring or reorganisation, etc. In short, any process that generates change. At the same time, we assist you in finding answers to key issues and are always available to discuss any kind of concern.

People make up the highest diferential 
value of any business.

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