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Shipping agencies


At Mar Recruitment we are aware that the Shipping Agent provides a great variety of services to vessels, in a very competitive environment, and that the experience of its staff is a must to preserve its customers. Knowledge of local practice and availability 24/7 are also compulsory. This great variety of functions and demands implies the need for high and diverse profiles. The requirements are numerous, sharing the importance of language proficiency and knowledge of the sector and maritime legislation.



We recruit from core staff like shipping operators, to management positions, including administrative and disbursement accounts positions.

Port companies


The maritime business is a global activity that involves many companies. At Mar Recruitment we offer services of personnel selection, support in human resources and training to a wide range of companies:


Ship Owners



Ship Chandlers

Auxiliary services for Vessels




Mar Recruitment has a wide database of candidates from different nationalities and locations, because today, searches and recruitments are global, and organizations look for the best person for the position, wherever that person may be located in the world. This also means that cultural suitability and adaptation are critical factors in selection.

We accurately assess all of our candidates to verify their competences in areas such as Upstream, Midstream and Downstream and, on agreement, we retain the information on those high performers who meet our assessment criteria, which includes a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry, and excellent documented records of previous work.


We work on the premise that quality is far more important than quantity and will not inundate our client with unsuitable candidates, we only present them when there is a minimum 100% match with the requirements, to guarantee optimal results.



The cruise sector has experienced a growing process of popularization, becoming a fundamental pillar of the tourism sector worldwide. This sector is carrying out a constant expansion of products and services, creating the need for more efficient structures, with an increasing number of direct and indirect jobs.

Exceptional people help create exceptional cruise experiences around the world. At Mar Recruitment we assist these people with their visa application, medical examinations, training and travel arrangements. We also provide them with guidance on life on board.



We ensure everything goes smoothly until the boarding on the cruise of the employee.

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