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Support during the process.

CV creation or reviewing.

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Visa management, documentation and travel arrangements.

Job opportunities

Publication title Type of job Publication title
Rig Manager Contrato 23/06/2022 Register
Purser Contrato 23/06/2022 Register
2nd Assistant Contrato 22/06/2022 Register
Tour Pusher Contrato 22/06/2022 Register
Purser Contrato 22/06/2022 Register
OOW Navigation Watch Contrato 22/06/2022 Register
Subcontract Manager Contrato 21/06/2022 Register
Asistente Electrónica/Electricista Contrato 21/06/2022 Register
Mechanical Superint. Pipeline Contrato 20/06/2022 Register
Mechanical Supervisor Pipeline Contrato 20/06/2022 Register
Civil Supervisor Pipeline Contrato 20/06/2022 Register
Warehouse Superintendent Contrato 20/06/2022 Register
ROV Pilot Technician level 3 Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
ROV Supervisor Level 3 Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
OOW Navigational Watch Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Chief Mate Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Motorman Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
ABLE SEAMAN Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Chief Engineer Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
ABLE SEAFARER DECK Temporal 17/06/2022 Register
Rig Electrician Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Rig Chief Electrician Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Electronic Conventional Vessel Lead Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Rig Mechanic Contrato 17/06/2022 Register
Claims Handler Sr. Full time 17/06/2022 Register
Field Joint Coating Technician Temporal 16/06/2022 Register
Elect. Conventional Vessel Lead Temporal 16/06/2022 Register
JLT/VLS Control Room Operator Temporal 16/06/2022 Register
Steel Structural Carpenter Temporal 16/06/2022 Register
ECR Electrician Contrato 16/06/2022 Register
Electr. and Electron. Assistant Contrato 16/06/2022 Register
VESSEL SOFTWARE LAEAD Contrato 16/06/2022 Register
Construction Manager Contrato 16/06/2022 Register
OOW Navigational Watch DP Contrato 16/06/2022 Register
Inspector Coordiantor Temporal 07/06/2022 Register
HSE Trainer Contrato 07/06/2022 Register
Electrician (Yachts Electrical Systems) Tiempo completo 01/06/2022 Register
Vessel Equipment Engineer Contrato 31/05/2022 Register
E&I TECHNICIAN Contrato 31/05/2022 Register
Rig Mechanic Contrato 27/05/2022 Register
Engineering Watch Rating Contrato 27/05/2022 Register
Pipefitter Foreman Contrato 25/05/2022 Register
Driller Contrato 25/05/2022 Register
Tour Pusher Contrato 25/05/2022 Register
Topside Mechanical Technician Contrato 25/05/2022 Register
Electrician (Yachts Electrical Systems) Tiempo completo 19/05/2022 Register
Electrical Foreman Contrato 19/05/2022 Register
FITTER (with welding experience) Contrato 16/05/2022 Register
ENGINE ROOM TECHNICIAN Contrato 16/05/2022 Register
NAVIGATIONA WATCH RATING Contrato 12/05/2022 Register
Electrical Foreman Contrato 10/05/2022 Register
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Contrato 10/05/2022 Register
ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN Contrato 09/05/2022 Register
Auditor Junior Full time 06/05/2022 Register
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Contrato 06/05/2022 Register
Vessel Equipment Engineer Contrato 05/05/2022 Register
DCS TECHNICIAN Contrato 03/05/2022 Register
SENIOR SERVICE ENGINEER (Sistemas Eléctricos Embarcaciones) Tiempo completo 07/04/2022 Register
SERVICE ENGINEER (Sistemas Eléctricos Embarcaciones) Tiempo completo 07/04/2022 Register
Electrician (Yachts Electrical Systems) Tiempo completo 07/04/2022 Register
Accounting Technician Full time 01/04/2022 Register
HSEQ Manager Full time 18/03/2022 Register
Especialista en Compras Full time 28/02/2022 Register
PROCUREMENT SPECIALIST Full time 24/02/2022 Register
Facturación Team Leader (Cuentas de escala) Full time 21/02/2022 Register
Commercial Lead - Sector Marítimo Full time 18/02/2022 Register
Électricien (Yachts Electrical Systems) Tiempo completo 10/02/2022 Register

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