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Project HR Scheduler

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a Project HR Scheduler for an onshore project based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.


▪ Ensure administrative and contractual management, planning, scheduling and all HR requirements for local and seconded personnel (expatriates and inpatriates) according to the law, to the national and international labour agreements, trade union agreements as well as company guidelines and procedures
▪ Plan, supervise, calculate and control labour cost and propose any corrective actions necessary as resulting from the analysis ▪ Ensure consistent application of the HR methodology system


▪ Ensure personnel management and administration activities, including drafting of the employment contract, according to national and international laws, labour agreements and trade union agreements
▪ Ensure the fulfilment individual contract obligations
▪ Ensure monthly salary calculations
▪ Carry out fiscal and social security obligations
▪ Ensure the availability of the appropriate files for the accounting of personnel costs
▪ Ensure the management/recording of attendances/absences of personnel (overtime, sickness, holidays etc.)
▪ Ensure the management of shift work
▪ Ensure the fulfilment of all obligations required for out-of-office assignments business trips (in the home country and abroad)
▪ Ensure the correct reporting and accounting of assignment costs
▪ Support and assist resources and department managers in the correct management of workplace conditions relations (working hours, trade union and contract rights, pay, etc.)
▪ Ensure the fulfilment of all management and administration obligations preparatory to the expatriation and inpatriation of personnel, including the fulfilment of immigration obligations (work permits, visas etc.).
▪ Ensure the uploading of information to company IT systems and guarantee the correctness and availability of data regarding resources
▪ Process the standard hourly rates for personnel
▪ Elaborate the personnel hourly standard rates
▪ Provide labour cost estimations for bids and other company activities when required
▪ Process and analyse the actual, forecast and balance sheet labour cost
▪ Provide HR reporting
▪ Ensure the fulfilment of all obligations and disclosures required by law with external bodies, as well as relations with the latter, including in the event of inspections on work-related issues
▪ Ensure consistent application of guidelines, policies and procedures related to human resources
▪ Optimize the distribution of human resources, according to business development (HR Planning and Scheduling)


▪ Field experience of 8 years for both offshore and onshore.

▪ Qatar Gas projects experience is highly recommended.





Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Position on Yard located in China and Qatar offshore)


91 consecutive calendar days on site followed by 16 paid calendar days of leave

Working days/hours:

5 days a week at 8 hours a day

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Elisabet Olivera

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