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Electrical Engineer - YACHTING

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Dutch company specialized in the execution of electrical systems for large vessels, yachts and super yachts, needs to incorporate a Electrical Engineer in Barcelona, Spain.

Position in the organisation:

Objective of the department:

Contributing to the execution of tasks on board mega-yachts in terms of installation, connection and maintenance of electrical engineering products and systems, often based on regulations and drawings.
The position falls under the Project Work department.

Hierarchical position:

The Electrical Engineer works directly under the Electrical Engineers Team Leader, Location Manager and/or Project Manager in the event of their absence. Job objective: Installing, connecting and maintaining electrical engineering products and systems. The job focuses on the installation of electrical engineering installations and problem solving. The Electrical Engineer carries out all necessary operations on various systems. In this job, you will be expected to regularly switch from one aspect to another, be flexible in dealing with problems in the work process and do some administrative work. The job involves time pressure as a result of urgent work orders.


Internal: Team Leader, Location Manager and Project Manager External: Representatives of clients, both of the shipyard and the owners.


This list of tasks is an indication and not restrictive; the job objective is leading:

• Determining routing of wiring and cabling
• Reading and modifying drawings
• Installing and connecting electrical engineering products and systems
• Earthing electrical engineering products and systems
• Functional testing and monitoring the executed work
• Performing documentation related to the work: making service reports, drawings, ….
• Doing simple electrical calculations
• Setting and/or adjusting parameters for the electrical engineering products and systems
• Solving problems and deviations


Knowledge must be equal to medium professional education and training in Electrical Engineering in terms of level and content, or senior general secondary education supplemented with Electrical engineering courses with an average study load up to 2 years.

Within the set schedule, you can determine the work sequence and within the largely determined execution, you will have a certain amount of freedom to determine the approach. Consult with management on any changes if needed. The problems to deal with will correspond to the level of education and a few years of experience.

Social skills:
Passion for the trade, the will and ability to create and achieve, immersion in the product and wishes of the client, sense of responsibility, collaboration and consultation and solution-oriented thinking.

Risks, responsibilities and influence:
Errors or oversights can lead to loss of time and materials. Attention in your work prevents the most damage. There is a high chance of discovery, partially due to monitoring by supervisors. Errors can be recovered. Contact with employees and management of third parties and/or clients has to run smoothly, to enable a smooth execution of work and to maintain the company image.

Expression skills:
Medium written and oral level English.

Attention in your work can prevent most damage.

Inconvenient circumstances:
Some hindrance from noise, sometimes dirty work, incidental heavy manual labour (sturdy cables etc.), lifting. Wearing protective gear; personal risk can occur due to working in hard-to-reach places.


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