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Offshore Radio Operator Purser

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for an Offshore Radio Operator Purser for one of their drilling offshore vessels with three years experience in off-shore vessel administration and as a radio operator.


▪ Operate and maintain all radio and communication equipment onboard and ensure mandatory provisions, relating to its operation (as laid down in the radio regulations) are adhered.
▪ Assure efficient co-ordination of personnel tracking system and administration of personnel matters on board.


▪ Report to Master, ensure compliance with the radio watchkeeping requirements of SOLAS, with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Global Maritime Distress Satellite System (GMDSS) regulations
▪ Maintain a continuous w atch on the dedicated distress, urgency and safety communications , receive weather forecast bulletins and meteorological warnings and other Maritime Safety Information, inform the Master as soon as a distress, urgency or safety c ommunication is received, communicate with helicopter services and maintain radio contact with all helicopters intending to land or depart from the vessel
▪ Maintain the radio log-book, ensure all outgoing correspondence is approved by Master (General and Marine), Chief Engineer (Technical) and Superintendent (Projects), log incoming and outing correspondence and arrange distribution accordingly, log/arrange/distribute incoming and outgoing mail as per standing instructions issued by Master
▪ Authority
▪ Organize Radio communications and, where required, vessel personnel administration system


▪ Knowledge of English
▪ All STCW 95(and amendments) required certificates: - National certificate of competence and endorsement Reg. IV/2 - Medical Fitness Reg. I/9
▪ Completion of all training and certifications requirements as described in the Training Matrix


·               Updated CV

·               Diploma

·               Seaman book pages / history for the past 5 years at least

·               BOSIET / H2S (OPITO)

·               Vaccination (Yellow Fever and COVID-19)

·               Certificate of Competency (COC) IV/2

·               GMDSS STCW A-IV/2

·               Basic Safety Trainings which include:

·               Personal Survival Techniques A-VI/1 – 1

·               Fire Prevention and Firefighting A-VI/1 – 2

·               Elementary First Aid A-VI/1 – 3

·               Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities VI/1 – 4

·               Basic Safety Familiarisation A-VI/1

·               Sefarers with designated security duties A-VI/6 – 2


▪ Three (3) years experience in off-shore vessel administration
▪ Three (3) years experience as a radio operator






Contract start:

As soon as possible

Contract duration:

30.06.2023 (renewable)

Work/leave rotation:

35 working days / 35 leave days

Working hours:

12 Hours X 7 Days a week




On board accommodation provided by the company together with full boarding


Economy class provided by Saipem at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle.


Medical, Death and Disability, Life and Income Protection

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