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Workshop Coordinator

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for candidates of  Workshop Coordinator  for an onshore project based in Egypt.

Reports To:  Maintenance team leader

The workshop coordinator must have a thorough knowledge of the activities associated with a large chemical or refinery plant workshop.  He must be conversant with the day-to-day running of a large workshop/ the procedures, recording, auctioning, and dispatching of work.  He must have a sound working knowledge of machining practices* (lathe machines, milling, drilling, heat treatment, balancing operations welding and fabrication pipefitting, heat exchanger maintenance).  Further duties will include: 

1.                   Construction and continual updating of a manpower chart for each division in the workshop.

2.                   Liaison with the administration of workshop employees for their personal or work-related problems.

3.                   The control of all employees (including senior supervisors) in the workshop divisions.

4.                   The control of all work entering the central workshop and to calculate and measure the size and extent of work entering the     workshop.

5.                   The distribution of work to division supervisors.

6.                   Selecting the correct machine / equipment for the proper workflow

7.                   The ordering of all materials and tools for the workshop.

8.                   Keeping in daily contact with all divisions.

9.                   The solving of all work-related problems with departments.

10.               Responsibility for all workshop equipment.

11.               Responsibility for ensuring that administration and communication¬ systems and procedures function correctly.

12.               Able to request and order materials for the workshop when necessary.

13.               Responsibility for the training of all employees in the workshop where required.

14.               Responsibilities for ensuring all Safety Regulations are observed at all times and to ensure good workshop housekeeping.

15.               Must be able to operate any machine tool, on the workshop and on situ, in case of need

16.               Must be prepared to be on call for emergency



a.                   Eng. Degree in mechanical discipline or

b.                   Technical Diploma in machining technologies

c.                   English language

d.                   *A minimum of 10 years' experience of machining practices, welding and fabrication, good knowledge of materials and machine tools (mandatory).



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