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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for candidates of CARGO SUPERVISOR  for an offshore project based in Ivory Coast.


▪ Responsible for the safe and proper execution of all marine and cargo operations. ▪ Ensure floater documentation register is up to date. ▪ Maintain cargo documentation updated.


▪ Carry out watch duty during operations. ▪ Supervise / Operate the ballast control systems to maintain vessel stability at all time ▪ Participate to bunkering, lifting, cargo transfer, cargo loading and offloading operations ▪ Supervise deck operations ▪ Check all navigation equipment and instruments as necessary ▪ Maintain fire fighting and life-saving equipment as directed ▪ Update the planned maintenance system as directed ▪ Check the GMDSS equipment and ensure that mandatory provisions related to its operation (as specified in the radio regulations) are adhered ▪ Perform duties on the helideck and boat landing, where required. ▪ Perform functions as identified in the vessel emergency preparedness manual ▪ Intervene and report in case of unsafe act, unsafe working conditions, near misses and incidents/accidents


·         FPSO experience is a must

·         Minimum 3 years of OFFSHORE experience

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