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Subcontract Lead

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for a Subcontract Lead for their onshore project in Brazil


Support to Construction Manager and project management team to ensure construction cost targets are met, interfacing with project organization, subcontractors and construction suppliers


  • Assist the Construction Manager and the project management team in the development of the detailed Construction Procurement and Subcontracting Plans in line with CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure) for Construction, Company criteria and Project needs. 
  • Define and implement in coordination with other involved disciplines the Passive Cycle Administration Strategy consistently with the Main Contract Administration Strategy
  • Ensure, in liaison with Construction Manager and the construction team, the administration of site passive contracts.
  • Ensure continuing awareness of all matters related to the Purchase Orders and Subcontracts for Construction scope to all members of the Project team
  • Manage the incoming and outgoing correspondence with Suppliers and Subcontractors for Construction scope  Ensure the monitoring and control of construction supplies and services cost.
  • Ensure the monitoring and control of the construction works costs, subcontracted or in direct hiring.
  • Manage the monitoring and control of costs of vendors or any other specialist activities required at site for construction activities.
  • Ensure the analysis of cost deviations based on actual quantities in respect of budget quantities collecting the sources of variations from project functions.
  • Ensure cost estimates for any construction scope of work changes including any NP (New Price), CWO (Change Work Order) shall be necessary, ensuring the segregation and capitalization in accordance with the Company standards
  • Ensure the evaluation of any variation requests submitted by subcontractors and/or construction suppliers
  • Ensure, in liaison with the project control team, that construction cost data/reporting are made available to project management
  • Support the Construction Manager and the project management team in the analysis of claims presented by subcontractors and/or construction suppliers
  • Recommend to Procurement and Subcontracting functions the Revisions to Purchase Orders and Subcontracts for Construction scope, providing all justifications for Contracts revision as needed
  • Provide specialistic advice and support to Procurement, Subcontracting and Construction functions in dealing with Vendors and/or Subcontractors in any matter raised by Vendors and/or Subcontractors
  • Ensure, in liaison with the project control team, that change management data and information related to construction activities are made available to the project management
  • Support the Construction Manager and the project management team for risks and opportunities cost & time impact analysis pertaining to construction suppliers and subcontractors
  • Coordinate the requisitioning process related to construction subcontracts



▪ STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. III/2 and endorsement ▪ Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix ▪ Dynamic Position Training as per Company Procedure ▪ MOU stability course (where applicable) Experience ▪ Minimum three(3) Years as Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch DP (Expert Seniority). ▪ A minimum experience of One (1) year on off-shore activity unless a defined rank of Chief Engineer DP had been previously covered on board merchant marine vessels Note: For Italian Seafarers the correspondent designation of Second Engineer is "Primo Ufficiale di Macchina". Fluent in English. Offhore experience 


Location:                                             São José do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul.

Duration:                                             12 months

Start Date:                                           As soon as possible

Rotation:                                             to be confirmed 75/21 or 90/21

Salary Type:                                        to be confirmed


Working days/hours:

10 hours a day, 6 days a week

Overtime rate:

N/A - Already included in monthly salary.

Full Board/Living allowance:

According to Local Company Standards. Full board will be provided while accommodated in a hotel. If accommodated in a shared apartment, Living Allowance to be provided 


Provided locally

Insurance D&D:


Life Insurance:


Medical Insurance:


Income Protection:


Travel :

In accordance with the Company’s travel policy and within the booking capabilities of the Company, the latter will provide a prepaid air ticket from the departure airport nearest to the domicile of the Employee to the Work Location at commencement and termination of the employment and at the beginning and the end of each Leave Period.


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