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2nd Engineer DP

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for a 2nd Engineer DP  for offshore Projects worldwide. 


▪ Operate on a ship powered by main propulsion machinery of 3.000kW propulsion or more, supervise according with Company Procedures the range of duty required in any DP engine control power generation and propulsion units, next in rank to the Chief Engineer DP Vessel ▪ Be the second in charge of the Chief Engineer DP Vessel and assist him for the efficient running of the ship,implementing all the rules and regulation according to International conventions and regulations, Flag state requirements, Class requirements, local requirements and regulations and Company policy ▪ Whenever required, act as MS (maintenance Supervisor) or BCO (ballast control operator) as defined in IMO resolution A. 1079 (28)


▪ Report to Chief Engineer DP, be familiar with and maintain awareness of the relevant Company requirements, the latest industry codes and standards including statutory rules and regulations; ensure all workspace technical and maintenance activities are carried out consistently with Company policies and in accordance to Vessel Management Manual ▪ Ensure that the Asset Management Operative System (AMOS) is rigorously implemented in order to survey, test and maintain all machinery/equipment of the ship, comprising Emergency and Safety systems and all Corporate owned/rented equipment which may be operated on/from the vessel, in accordance with statutory, class, flag state, company requirements and standards ▪ Supervise bunkering/offloading of fuel/oil, the refueling of vessels ensure for efficient and timely ordering, in consultation with the Chief Engineer DP, of adequate resources and spares for mechanical equipment ▪ Ensure that engine room operations are carried out and report to the Chief Engineer DP unsafe acts/conditions and any defects with implications for safe operation, marine environment and navigability in compliance with HSES and Company procedures; perform duties within the vessel emergency team as indicated in Emergency Preparedness Manual ▪ Ensure that permit to work system and relevant isolation and confined space entry procedures are understood and observed ▪ Ensure adequate training of the crew of own duty shift, included those in the emergency team, issue hand-over reports to own relieve and copies the Chief Engineer DP Authority ▪ Assign work instructions and duties to the engine crew ▪ Issue instructions and orders to engine crew ▪ Take immediate actions to avoid pollution to the marine environment ▪ Maintain safe working practices ▪ To have a full understanding of Engine Room and Production equipment ▪ Maintain the vessel in accordance with class and statutory legislation ▪ Compliance with appropriate and applicable legislative requirements ▪Monitoring and prevent environmental pollution according to MARPOL ▪ Take over the watch as per Company procedures ▪ Support Chief Engineer DP with Engines Area related Marine QMS Tasks implementation ▪ Ensure Correct implementation of instruments/Equipment Calibration Management under Chief Engineer DP guidance ▪ To be responsible for Engine Room Related materials certificates management and traceability ▪ Coordinate with ASSET Project QCC during Vessel Maintenance activities with reference to specific inspection task as applicable



▪ STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. III/2 and endorsement ▪ Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix ▪ Dynamic Position Training as per Company Procedure ▪ MOU stability course (where applicable) Experience ▪ Minimum three(3) Years as Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch DP (Expert Seniority). ▪ A minimum experience of One (1) year on off-shore activity unless a defined rank of Chief Engineer DP had been previously covered on board merchant marine vessels Note: For Italian Seafarers the correspondent designation of Second Engineer is "Primo Ufficiale di Macchina". Fluent in English. Offhore experience 


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