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Offshore Pipeline Welding Operator

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for an Pipeline Welding Operator  for offshore Projects worldwide, currentky in UK. 


▪ Control or adjust any welding parameter for automatic or mechanized welding system where the required welding conditions are maintained by mechanical or electronic means but may be manually varied during the process (Passo, Presto, Orbital TIG, SWS, TIG Remelting, Plasma Remelting, etc.) ▪ To be qualified for onshore and offshore pipeline on standard (Carbon steels, Stainless steels) and non-standard materials (Duplex, Nickel alloys, Cladded pipe). To be also qualified for manual or semiautomatic standard and non standard processes (GTAW, SMAW Uphill & downhill, gsFCAW , ssFCAW, GMAW, GMAW STT, Arc Air Gouging, etc) in all Welding positions (2G,5G,6G). Carry out the welding work in compliance with safety, quality and in respect of environmental rules. The Pipeline Welding Operator will stay under the supervision of the (discipline) Welding Foreman. 


▪ Carry out the Welding work in the planned times and costs ▪ Ensure the proper implementation of approved operating procedures ▪ Ensure observance of the project specifications ▪ Ensure that safety standards are respected ▪ Ensure that production quality and quantity standards are observed and issue the hand-over of completed works ▪ Carry out the welding qualification procedure and welder qualification tests when required ▪ Carry out the welders repairs or cosmetic weld toe adjustment in case of errors or defects by grinding or Carbon Arc Air gouge ▪ Participate to pipe/plate fit up with the pipe fitting and spacer team ▪ Clean welds after each pass ▪ Perform a preliminary check of the welds after completion ▪ Maintain a good housekeeping of his working place reducing the environmental footprints ▪ Respect environments and environmental rules. ▪ Be assigned to job such as Piles Jacket instalation, Trasition pieces welding, Columns and Deck Welding, pipeline double joint in prefabriction area and main line AGMAW equipments (Passo and SWS or Presto, TIG Remeltin, Plasma Remelting) and pipeline repairs ▪ Be assigned to job such as AWTie-in welding in 5G or main line firingline piggy back welding, abandon/recovery heads installations ▪ Mentoring to new entry resources during training programs in order to explain the welding processes know-how


  • Offhore experience 
  • Fluent in English


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Elisabet Olivera

Tel.: +34 679 642 614