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Offshore Structural Weld. Foreman

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for an Offshore Structural Weld. Foreman for  Projects worldwide, currentky in UK. 


▪ Coordinate and optimize the welding production activities of the project through all its operational phases to reach the safety, quality and productivity targets. For Offshore Project specifically connected to Jacket installation and Hook up activities the Offshore Structural Welding Foreman will report to the Welding supervisor or 1st assistant. The tasks of the Offshore Structural Welding Foreman shall be adapted to the peculiarities of each specific project.


▪ Ensure the proper implementation of operating procedures ▪ Ensure total awareness of own team and implement all major contract requirements and project specification with the support of the welding supervisor when assigned ▪ Organize on site the technical training and qualification of all relevant welding team ▪ Manage the synergies of the team members and equipment used to optimize the whole available resources ▪ Organize, coordinate and manage the work of welding team according to the various applicable welding processes ▪ Ensure the basic welding equipment maintenance is regularly performed ▪ Issue the welding team evaluation and propose to the vessel management the team reclassifications ▪ Support the welding inspectors, the QC Supervisors and NDE team in controlling and maintaining quality standard ▪ Monitor welding parameters and report deviations identified, approve the welding parameters adjustment with the cooperation from the welding supervisor and report all modifications to the project welding supervisor/engineer or 1st Assistant ▪ Ensure the welding equipment certification is always updated with the cooperation of the vessel QAQC engineer ▪ Provide production improvement solution, report any eventual problems to the project welding supervisor/engineer or first assistant in the view to reach the safety, quality and productivity targets ▪ Monitor consumption and certification status of Welding consumables with the cooperation of the welding supervisor/engineer and the equipment spare parts availability with the cooperation of the welding equipment fitter


  • Offhore experience 
  • Fluent in English


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Elisabet Olivera

Tel.: +34 679 642 614