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Project Management Engineer

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a Project Management Engineer for an offshore project wordwilde. 


During the Bidding Phase, as requested by the Project Manager:

▪ Analyse tender and contractual documents in order to review scope of work and schedule and to identify project requirements and constraints

▪ Support in the preparation of the Project Execution Plan and the project Organization Charts

▪ Support in the preparation of cost estimate for external services, including the preparation of Project Mobilization Plan During the Project Execution Phase, according to the complexity of the project and as requested by the Project Manager:

▪ Manage reporting to the PM for specific activities of the project services as case by case defined by the PM (it can be an activity related to a main subcontract or vendor or interfaces internal or external)

▪ Assist the Project Manager during project activity planning, e.g. in the preparation of the Project Execution Plan (PEP) and

other project procedures and plans

▪ Assist in the definition of the resource allocation and in the assessment of the man-hours required in order to

prepare/update the Project Mobilization Plan (PMP)

▪ Coordinate specific topics (internal or external), related, but not only, to project management, engineering, procurement,

construction, commissioning

▪ Prepare the Project External Interfaces Management Procedure and identify, categorize and manage the Project External

▪ Prepare the Project Risk Management Plan, manage the risk assessment and risk response activities issuing and quarterly updating the Project Risk Register

▪ Prepare the Project Spare Parts Procedure and supervise and coordinate the procurement and management process for the Project Two Years Spare Parts

▪ Prepare the Project Record Books (PRB) Procedure, define the indexes of the PRB, collect the relevant documentation (i.e. Design and Drawing Books, Plant Operating Manuals, Vendor Data Books, Manufacturing Data Books, Plant Inspection Books, Field QA/QC Dossier, Completion Record Books) and delivery the assembled PRB to the Client

▪ Prepare the Vendor Assistance on Site Procedure, manage the Project Vendor Assistance on site, from the notification of Vendor intervention until the completion of the Vendor services, monitoring costs, reviewing the schedule of the interventions, reporting periodically the status and criticalities of the activities

▪ Prepare the Project Guarantee Claims Management Procedure with Vendors and during the guarantee period ensure the fulfilment of the guarantee requirements by Vendor. Prepare the Project Guarantee Claims Management Procedure with Client and during the guarantee period manage the process of notification, reparation and closure of the guarantee issues raised by Client

▪ Prepare the Project Back Charge Procedure and support in managing the back charges work process

▪ Assist in managing change orders and claims and support dispute resolution activities

▪ Support the continuous monitoring of specific critical supplies contributing in the achievement of expected milestones and

▪ Prepare the Coordination and Communication Procedure, set up the relevant tool and assist in managing Clientrelationships


Must speak French and English

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