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FPSO Cargo Operator

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for candidates for the position of Cargo Operator  located in Offshore Africa.


▪ Contribute and Organize (within the frame of own responsibilities) the FPSO Cargo work activities.


▪ Report to FPSO Cargo Supervisor ▪ Operate, maintain and control line up for cargo systems (heating coils, inert gas, drains, ballast valves, crude oil, washing, etc.) ▪ Operate cargo pumps and crude oil wash machines as directed by FPSO Cargo Supervisor or FPSO Cargo Superintendent ▪ Manage tank filling /discharge by controlling ullages, interfaces, temperatures and crude oil samples ▪ Undertake all duties related to the functions and related equipment for receiving, storing and offloading crude oil ▪ Undertake first line maintenance of equipment in the pump room ▪ Assist mechanics and welders when operating in the pump room area or on the cargo system ▪ Maintain cargo and ballast equipment including equipment in the pump room, ullage gauges, inert gas valves, COW machines, hoses, etc. ▪ Ensure compliance with permit to work system, isolation standards ▪ Undertake other duties as required by FPSO Cargo Supervisor or FPSO Cargo Superintendent ▪ Be aware of roles and responsibilities regarding emergency response ▪ Do general housekeeping duties in work area ▪ Stop activities if the continuation could cause any damage or injury ▪ Support offloading operation as instructed by FPSO Cargo Supervisor or FPSO Cargo Superintendent ▪ Contribute to first maintenance level activity as instructed by FPSO Cargo Supervisor or FPSO Cargo Superintendent ▪ Participate to Fiscal metering and sampling system operation and maintenance as instructed by FPSO Cargo Supervisor or FPSO Cargo Superintendent Authority ▪ Maintain safe working practices Experience ▪ Minimum 2 years experience as Pumpman in crude oil tankers or one year experience as Engine Room fitter with proven ability of overhauling large pumps and valves ▪ FPSO experience desirable


·         With FPSO experience is a must

·         Minimum 3 years experience

·         International experience in Angola, Africa, Brazil is a plus



Cargo Operator



Offshore Africa

Contract start:

As soon as possible (notice period will be taken into consideration). Hiring process will take around 2-3 weeks.

Contract duration:

12 months (renewable)

Work/leave rotation:

28 days on duty – 28 days off duty

Working hours:

12 hours a day – 7 days a week




Quarantine rate:

50% of the salary rate per day of quarantine in the host country


Provided by Company.


Economy class provided by Saipem at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle.


Medical, Death and Disability, Life and Income Protection

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