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Welding QC Supervisor

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for a Welding QC Supervisor onboard their Pipe Layer vessel located Worldwide, currently in Amsterdam.


▪ Ensure the supervision of welding inspection activities and verify Quality Control Plans implementation

▪ Check Quality Control Plans with reference to welding activities
▪ Check the availability and adequacy of consumables and equipment / instrumentation used for welding execution and control
▪ Verify that material and equipment are correctly received, stored, preserved, calibrated, handled, identified and traceable
▪ Support and check the evaluation of the qualification of inspection personnel in charge of works, verify work procedures, including those relating to special processes
▪ Support the definit ion of QC Information System rules
▪ Supervise and witness inspections, check reports and documentation issued by inspectors and verify the collection of required Quality Records
▪ Verify that tests, controls and inspections are carried out according to Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, checking the collection of relevant documentation also for the mechanical completion approval, and that personnel have access to all required project documentation
▪ In case of subcontracted activities, verify the correct implementation of approved Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspections and collecting relevant Quality Control records
▪ Verify the collection and management of documents certifying test, controls and inspections, checking that all records are properly retrievable within the final As-Built dossier
▪ Verify the preparation of the Quality works dossier for final handover to the Document Controller
▪ Verify that the NCR management process is in place and effective


  • Must have Offshore experience working on a vessel.





Expected Start Date

Salary Type


Welding QC Supervisor

Pipe Layer 

Worldwide (Currently in Amsterdam)


Consolidated Monthly (not paid when on vacation)







Overtime:  Applicable   






Rotation:  56/28






Work Schedule: 12 hr x 7dy

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Elisabet Olivera

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