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Contract Manager

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for candidates for the position of Contract Manager for their Pipe Burying vessel.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To transfer contractual documents and information to the Project Team as appropiate (for example, through dedicated contract-induction/review sessions);
  • To prepare in advance the "tools" to be used during the course of the Project, in particular: the diagram of the Contract, the list of notices and communications under the Contract, the wording of the standard notices;
  • To identify the contractual provisions which must be transferred to vendors and convey such provisions to the Project Procurement Manager/Coordinator in order to finalize the Special Purchase Conditions;
  • To prepare the documents necessary to ensure that confidentiality obligations towards the Client and the other parties involved are fulfilled by Operating company, subcontractors and vendors;
  • To assist the PM/PD and the other members of the Project Team in handling the contractually relevant matters;
  • To draft the correspondence concerning contractual matters;
  • To keep record of the cases when client and partners do not fulfil their contractual obligations, assess the consequences thereof in relation to cost and time with the support of the Project Control Manager and inform the PM/PD in order to duly notify the involved party.
  • To identify and prepare the change order requests and the claims with the support of the project Control Manager, the other members of the Project Team and , if required, the Change/Order/Claim Specialist, and timely issue such requests to the Client along with required documentation.
  • To participate in the negotiation of the change orders and claims:
  • To support Legal Affairs and Contracts Area Manager when disputes with Clients and partners are likely to result in litigation proceedings;
  • To support Project Risk/Opportunity Management in quatitative and qualitative evaluation of project risk during the executive phaes;
  • To support Group Treasury in management of project bank warranties;


Desired Skills:

  • Degree in either engineering discipline or Law
  • 15/20 years experience in a similar role in multinational and EPC business context;
  • Excellent communication, leadership and management attitudes;
  • Good writing skills;
  • Proficient in English - both speaking and writing;
  • Available to travel in Italy and abroad;
  • Previous experience on LNG Projects, JV/Consortium scheme, Nigeria Projects will be a plus



Bonny Project


Milan Offices, Italy and after one year to Nigeria

Contract type:


Direct Employee


Start date:

As soon as possible


12 months (renewable)


While for Italy - 120 consecutive calendar days on site followed by 16 paid calendar days of leave (“Leave Days”). The Leave Days are inclusive of travelling time in, from and to the country of domicile.

While for Nigeria – to be confirmed

Working days/hours:

While for Italy  - 5 days a week at 8 hours a day

While for Nigeria – to be confirmed


to be confirmed

Full Board/Living allowance:

For the first few months a hotel with full boarding will be provided.  No living allowance will be given.  Once the employee has moved into an apartment a living allowance will be paid per month or pro-rata thereof (not paid when on vacation)


As per company standards

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