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Doctor for project in Nigeria

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for a  Doctor for project in Nigeria, this is an urgent position.


Implement health management system on large operating unit or complex Projects (with more units) by ensuring that optimum Health and Health management are provided to all employees by continuous assessment, monitoring and safeguarding of their health

▪ Assure medical coverage for employees under his responsibility, including an effectively functioning chain of medical emergency management

▪ Assure continuous improvement the service through Audits and inspections


▪ Ensure optimum Health management by continuously assessing, monitoring and safeguarding the health of the employees

the resource is in charge of

▪ Assure a direct communication with and reporting to functional and hierarchical superiors in dealing with Health and

medical issues

▪ Implement relevant documents and contractual requirements related to health and medical issues

▪ Elaborate, revise and full management of Project specific health related documents

▪ Ensure that Program GIPSI is operational or equivalent paper format available and that all the medical services are


▪ Ensure that PSS Program is operational, create strategic health care planning in order to guarantee the desired service with

controlled and optimal cost

▪ Equip Medical Structures with equipment, consumables and medicines as stipulated in Health Plan and assure that these

are in sufficient quantities at all times using the support of Medicines Management software

▪ Carry out health preventive activities constantly evaluating existing health risks within the unit concerned, performing specific information campaign, specific immunization programs, applying the prevention and management of alcohol and drugs control program

▪ Provide and/or assure the medical support for all Project's employees and sites

▪Supervise, monitor and audit medical facilities and Health Management System of major subcontractors engaged on the

Project.(if any)

▪ Extend the Health Management System to minor sub-Contractors employees

▪ Ensure that Health Curative Activities are available 24/7/365 at operating site through both in-house assistance and

agreements with third parties

▪ Ensure that Health Administrative Activities are carried out on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis

▪ Maintain contacts with hierarchical superiors and managers of operations in order to plan different Health Initiatives

▪ Create a First Aid Team for emergency situation, develop the project specific MEDEVAC plan and asses itsfunctionality

through regular drills

▪ Organize distribution of first aid equipment in different strategic Project location to guarantee rapid and effective medical

assistance during emergency

▪ Ensure proper management of medical waste according to standards and local laws and regulations

▪ Contribute actively to spreading and sharing of Corporate prevention programs assuring their implementation at the Project

and respective operating sites



-   English Advanced


Salary to be determined.

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