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Offshore Pedestal Crane Oper.

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Engineering Oil & Gas Company is looking for a   Offshore Pedestal Crane Oper.  for their offshore project  located currently in Malembo/Malongo (Cabinda), Angola


▪ Operates and takes care of the pedestal crane onboard offshore construction vessels.


▪ Operate the vessel pedestal crane within the designed crane load capacity, in accordance with the derating tables applicable to existing weather and sea state conditions ▪ Perform basket transfers where permitted and safe to do so ▪ Hold the Offshore Crane Operator certification (level 2 for unsupervised inboard lifts; level 3 for unsupervised offshore lifts), except for junior crane operators under training, who are not permitted to perform unsupervised lifts until the appropriate certification is obtained ▪ Be aware of the surroundings in terms of potential clashes with other vessel equipment ▪ Be aware of crane limits in terms of reach and capacity ▪ On vessels with multiple cranes, be aware of the interaction with other cranes and proactively intervene in order to avoid any interference during simultaneous operations ▪ Where present, and within the limits of own capabilities, operate the articulated boom on knuckle boom pedestal cranes ▪ Where present, and within the limits of own capabilities, operate the active / passive heave compensation systems during lifting ▪ Interact with the superiors in order to define the lifting procedures ▪ Report any crane equipment malfunctioning to his/her supervisor ▪ Ensures that all safe work procedures for crane lifts are adhered to ▪ Make daily inspection on the crane ▪ Carry out daily routine maintenance to the crane and the operator's cabin ▪ Keep a high level of housekeeping in the operator's cabin ▪ Liaise with 2nd Engineer/Crane Engineer/Chief Electrician/Vessel Equipment Engineer on crane maintenance and performance, in order to ensure that repairs and preventive maintenance are carried out properly ▪ Carry out weekly inspection of the crane in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations ▪ Fill up the crane log book as required for all lifts above 50 ton ▪ Stop the lifting activity if required on safety or technical grounds, if continuing could cause any damages or injuries ▪ Report to the 1st Assistant, while taking instructions directly from the Deck Foreman or 2nd Assistant during lifting operations


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