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Prod. Eng. and Methods Manager

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a  Prod. Eng. and Methods Manager for their project in Karimun, Indonesia.

Role Description


Manage the Production Planning & Control team ensuring support to bid activities, prioritization on arrival of materials, analysis of yields and fabrication methods, planning of production activities according to project schedule and availability of drawings, materials and personnel


During bidding phase: Support the definition of Procurement and Fabrication strategies, Project schedule and manhours estimation based on the analysis of bidding documentation and data available on material utilization, yields a nd workload. At Project start-up: Support Project team in the release of project schedule related to Fabrication activities, defining Engineering and Procurement deliverables dates accordingly Contribute to the preparation of W BS and ensure issue of estimated man-hours During Project Execution: Ensure cycled man-hours preparation and operative planning (work-pack issuance) Check actual man-hours spent vs cycled man-hours, producing ETC (Estimate To Complete) analysis Support decisions regarding project execution modifications (e.g., acceleration plan, recovery plan, rescheduling), providing qualitative and quantitative analysis on Production status and trend Assure consistent and timely upload of Project data (schedule, material take-off, welding summry list, process order, etc.) and Production feedback in yard management system Support continuous improvement in term of all operative matters, developing and improving specific contributions Coordinate pre-fabrication and fabrication activities ensuring proper workload management and saturation of manpower Elaborate multi-project production plans for the evaluation of available manpower and potential additional external resources Ensure the issue of the project execution plan Quantify time and cost impact of subcontractor claims.


- Oil & Gas experience and in this position

- Fluent English.


Salary to be determined. 

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