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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a MATERIAL RECEIVING COORDINATOR  for Saudi Arabia project, to be mobilized by September 2021.

Role Description


Ensure the interfacing between Project and Procurement function

Ensure the coordination of purchases and subcontracted activities, also through a dedicated Project Procurement task force

whenever resources are assigned to him/her for the specific Project.

Ensure that project procurement activities respect project requirements and constrains

Identify/suggest required corrective actions ensuring the full compliance with procurement procedures.


At project beginning, analyse contractual conditions and Client requirements in liaison with Contract Administrator and

participate to project planning and scheduling activities

Define and issue the Project Procurement Procedures in line with Corporate/Company procedures in force and in line with

Contractual obligations

Define the General Conditions applicable and issue the Instruction to Bidders and Special Conditions

Plan and elaborate a detailed Procurement Log in coordination with other project functions, in particular ensuring a

constant interface with the Engineering, Post Order Services and Management and Construction functions, guaranteeing its

monitoring and continuous updating, in particular, agree all purchasing dates starting from the issue of the Request for

Quotation up to the issue of the Purchase Order, assuring the scheduled deadlines are respected

Consolidate the Vendors/Subcontractors Project Vendor List and Bidder Lists taking into account project requirement and

inputs from relevant Functions

Define and monitor the implementation o the Project Procurement strategy

Identify and plan the use of pre-agreements, project agreements and Master Agreements

Coordinare, when required and convenient for the project, purchasing /subcontracting activities from local and regional

vendors an subcontractors, under the input received by the competent Procurement functionEnsure compliance with

administrative, insurance and legislative requirements in liaison with other competent and Procurement Departments

Ensure proper reporting of the procurement activities towards the Project organization and the Procurement


Ensure, in close collaboration with the competent Procurement function and with the Material

Manager, the application of Liquidated Damages to vendors and the execution of contractual amendments revisions

Ensure that the pertinent HSE clauses/requirements are included in the procurement documents

In case of projects with dedicated Project Procurement task force, shall also lead a group of buyers, managing Purchase

Orders of materials and Subcontracts for services, observing requested schedule and quality requirements

Monitor the consumption of manhours assigned to Procurement, identifying corrective or mitigating actions to optimize

efficiency, if necessary

Ensure the compliance with procurement guidelines and procedures focusing his support in the following activities:

contributing to the Tender Strategy;

preliminary checking of the acceptability of the Technical Bid Evaluation, if required;

checking the PO/Contract Draft with particular reference to any deviations from standards and/or Project requirements.


- Oil & Gas experience and in this position

- Fluent English.


Salary to be determined. 

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