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Offshore Mechanic

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a   Offshore Mechanic to join their offshore  project world wide. 

Role Description

▪ Carry out maintenance and repair of all the mechanical production equipment in a safe manner. 


▪ Carry out the maintenance and repair of all pipelay equipment ▪ Carry out the maintenance of the cranes and winches ▪ Carry out the maintenance and repair of the ILT, Hydraulic and diesel hammer, pumps of Hydraulic power pack, air compressor and diesel engines ▪ Ensure housekeeping in the working area ▪ Comply with the pollution prevention / mitigation procedures ▪ Partecipate to the daily Tool box talk meetings and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) when required ▪ Ensure that tools are stored in the appropriate location once used ▪ Report incidents and near-miss events to his supervisor on duty ▪ Always wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during own work shift ▪ Attend all emergency drills ▪ Report to the Mechanic Foreman Offshore. At the discretion of the Chief Engineer, may report to other functions onboard the vessel. 


B1 english. 


Salary to be determined.

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Elisabet Olivera

Tel.: +34 679 642 614