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Welding Equipment Technician, Coating

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Company from the Oil & Gas industry is looking for a  Welding Equipment Technician, Coating  to join their project currently in the Netherlands, later in Denmark

Role Description

Ensure the working status of the pipeline main line equipment during the project execution and during project preparation, installation and start up. For Offshore Project the Welding Equipment Technician will stay under the operational supervision of the Welding Foreman working under the chief engineer / chief electrician technical supervision, and remains the technical reference point for all the Pipeline production equipment ▪ Ensure compliance with safety/quality procedures/standards. 

Tasks▪ Install WPE on board of a Saipem vessel, or in a prefabrication yard in accordance with the program/SOW defined by the PWEC ▪ Provide for all the welding process equipments install onboard the vessel the technical assistance, Diagnosing activity, Maintenance, repairing ▪ Monitor lay barge pipeline process equipments, equipment consumables and spare parts consumption ▪ Insure Pipeline production equipment certification with the cooperation fromvessel QAQC engineer ▪ Report to Welding supervisors onboard, the WEC / PWEC with a weekly report the status of the pipeline production equipment as well the consumption, spare parts and PO status issued by the vessel/project WET responsibility will be limited to one or several of the following equipment (including corresponding spare parts) based on the technical training received on the following equipement. Welding Process equipment (WPE): ▪ AGMAW systems (Passo, Presto, SWS, etc.), including all types of power supplies, cabinets, bands, bugs, gas mixer ▪ AGTAW systems, including all types of power supplies, cabinets, bugs, bands, gas mixer ▪ Manual and semiautomatic welding equipment for repair (FCAW, SMAW, etc.) ▪ Submerged Arc Welding equipment (power supplies and welding heads) ▪ Manual GTAW equipment (power supplies, torches ▪ SMAW equipment (power supplies, torches) Special equipment: ▪ Internal Plasma welding system ▪ Internal Camera for inspection of CLAD pipeline internal root (as a ILUC special module) ▪ Purging System (sealing bags, oxygen analyzer) for ILUC when the backing protection is required ▪ Hi-lo measurement tools ▪ Internal Grinding systems ▪ Demagnetizing systems Ancillary equipment: ▪ Welding gas distribution network ▪ Welding cabling (from the welding power supply room to the welding equipment) including ground systems ▪ Cut equipment (Oxyacetylene, Plasma and H2)


Currently in the Netherlands, later in Denmark


Welding Equipment Technician, Coating

Contract start:


Contract duration:

31.12.2021 and renewable

Work/leave rotation:

42 paid working days / 42 unpaid leave days

Working hours:

12hrs / 7days




Medical (employee only), Life, Death & Disability, Income protection


Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle




  • Ensure the working status of the coating equipment during the project execution and during project preparation, installation and start up.
  • The Coating Equipment Technician will stay under the operational supervision of the Field Joint Coating Technology engineer (to coordinate the planned/unplanned maintenance and interventions on the different equipment) .
  • Identify onboard all the equipment belong to the Field Joint Coating department.
  • Assure that the planned maintenance in all the coating equipment is done as per schedule/instructions.
  • Assure a correct level of spare parts are present onboard. If not to provide the MR to be issued.
  • Assure a correct storage of the spare parts and verification of their compatibility with the installations
  • Knowledge of the Coating processes required by projects for offshore/onshore/fabrication yard activities
  • Knowledge of electrical hazards and accident prevention including but not limited to PPE and Lockout-tag out procedures.
  • Knowledge of electrical systems. Capability to carry out electrical inspections, maintenance and analyses electrical breakdowns providing solutions
  • Basic Knowledge on Electrical schematic readings.

Main technologies used for the processes and  to be aware of are (as minimum):

  • Vacuum Blasting
  • Manual blasting frame
  • Automatic blasting frame
  • Induction heating systems
  • FBE and Powder applications (Fluid beds included)
  • Polyurethan application equipment (IMPU)
  • Polypropylene applications system (IMPP)



Salary to be determined.

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